Our Doctors' Team

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Dr. Nadeem Ehsan

Dr. Nadeem is the inspiration behind The Smile Factory. His guidance and focus on Total Quality has privileged, The Smile Factory with the motivation to achieve Excellence in our services. He has a Ph.D. in Project Management from University of Michigan, Ann Arbor, Michigan, USA. 


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Dr. Zainab Javed Qadri

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Dr. Zainab has been associated with Dentistry since 2016. She graduated from Army Medical College (NUMS) and has had the privilege to start her career at the Armed Forces Institute of Dentistry (AFID).  She is also Certified in Endodontics and Restorative Dentistry from Ripah International University.

She also has experience of providing her services at Azmat Rasheed Hospital and Amcolian Dental Care Clinic in Rawalpindi. She has been a part of California Care Teams' Mercy Mission Camp, which is held bi-annually at Kala Shah Kaku. She has had the honor of participating in the Dental Elective Programs at Faculty of Dentistry, at the National University of Singapore. And also at  'Advanced Education in General Dentistry (AEGD) Clinic' at the University of California, Los Angeles, USA. She is currently holding the office as People Manager, General Dentist & Certified Endodontist at The Smile Factory.


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Dr. Sana Tariq

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Dr. Sana has been associated with dentistry and her dental practice since, 2014.  She is a dental Surgeon and trained to specialize in orthodontics at Armed forces Institute of Dentistry.

Her clinical certifications include Basic Life Support (BLS), Advanced Cardiac Life Support (ACLS) from Shifa International Hospital.

She is a member of ' The Sha'oor' - a volunteer work society and also is an EC member at the Amcolian Alumni Research Forum (AARF). She has done credible work under the umbrella of International Federation of Medical Students Association (IFMSA) and held the office of Year Coordinator BDS.

Her extensive research work includes;

  • Awareness among medical professionals regarding dental emergencies and their management
  • Assessment of Oral Health Status of Children at Army Public Schools
  • Non-Steroidal Anti-Inflammatory Drugs versus Paracetamol; with Patient Preference, Availability, and Knowledge of Toxicity as being key variables under consideration
  • Prescribing practices amongst Dentists in the Region of Twin Cities.

Her contributions as an orthodontist are invaluable, given her commitment to ensuring higher standards and excellence.

She successfully organized and executed;

  • the Symposium on the management of facial gunshot wounds at AFID
  • 3rd Annual Pakistan Prosthodontics Association (PPA) Conference
  • Dental Health Camp with Colgate Pakistan.

She is very experienced in delivering solutions and high-end results with children, adolescents as well as adults, who encounter dental anxiety. She also conducted an awareness campaign; ' Alleviation of Dental Fear and Anxiety', aimed at helping students at SOS School, in collaboration with AFID.


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Dr. Afshan Bibi

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BDS,FCPS Training (Operative Dentistry)
Dr. Afshan is an adept Restorative and Endodontic Surgeon with specialty in Operative Dentistry. She has done graduation from Margalla Institute of Health Sciences (MIHS) and did post-graduation training from Armed Forces Institute of Dentistry (AFID). She has over 9 years of experience in field of dentistry. She started her professional career as clinical observer in a reputable dental clinic along with graduation and then joined as General Dentist after graduation in 2014.

Dr. Afshan is certified in Basic Trauma Life Support (BLS) , Advanced Cardiovascular Life Support (ACLS), Advanced Trauma Life Support (ATLS) from American Heart Association and College of Physicians and Surgeons of Pakistan. She has completed certification in Micro Endodontics from Riphah International University, Advanced course in Laser Dentistry and Facial Aesthetics from American Board of Laser Surgery. She has attended hands on Workshops on: Rotatory Endodontics, Pro-taper Gold, Compomers, Dental Implants, CAD CAM digital Dentistry and emerging trends in prosthodontics.

She is experienced in delivering solutions and high-end results with children, adolescents as well as adults. She loves to work with pediatric patients having extensive experience in managing emergency and full mouth rehabilitation cases both in dental surgery and under sedation. She got exceptional skills in
Root Canals, Fillings and Smile make overs.

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Dr. Nazish Rasheed

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Dr. Nazish is an Oral & Maxillofacial surgeon (FCPS) with her specialization in FCPS from Armed Forces Institute of Dentistry (AFID, CMH).

She has completed her primary Bachelor’s Degree in Dental surgery, from Army Medical College Rawalpindi (NUMS) in 2016 and has been associated with Dentistry since 2016.

She has been working as General Dentist at different Dental clinics since 2017.

She has Special command on different surgical procedure of Oral &Maxillofacial surgery i.e Different pathology of oral cavity, facial deformity, facial trauma, cleft lip and palate and Orthognathic surgery and Dental Implants.

Certified in Basic Truma life support (BLS), Advanced cardiovascular life Support (ACLS) and Advanced Truma life support ( ATLS)  from American Heart Association and college of Physicians and surgeon of Pakistan .

Also Member of international Federation of Medical Student Associations Pakistan and working with a organization “Pakistan Youth Aid”  under  which they  do Free Medical and Dental camps  to spread healthy smile.


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Admin Operations Team

Miss Iffat Qureshi

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Ms. Iffat started her Dental profession in 2012, after completing her degree in bachelors of Arts. Her thorough understanding regarding the latest techniques of sterilization and disinfection is her strong suit. She is adept in material manipulation as wells as patient management. Her fluency in Urdu and Punjabi, as well as comprehension of the English language, makes her invaluable when it comes to understanding the patient needs.

Miss Naveeda Naseer

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Ms. Naveeda has been associated with dentistry as a profession since the past 14 years. She successfully completed her Dental Operation Room Assistant Training at ORO Dental Care Center Gujrat, in 2004. She also completed her technical training courses as a Dental Hygienist & Dental Technician. Dedicated work ethic is what defines her.